Empowering Small Business Owners: Mrs. Van Peach's Success Story

Published: Mar 1, 2024 Reading time: 2 minutes
Empowering Small Business Owners: Mrs. Van Peach's Success Story
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In the bustling district of Khan Dangkor, Mrs. Van Peach runs a store that offers coffee and a variety of beverages. Her journey as a business owner took an unexpected turn when she stumbled upon a project through Facebook that would not only enhance her skills but also provide her with a small grant to expand her business. 

Initially, Mrs. Van Peach enrolled in the project intending to attend a training course to further enhance her knowledge without realizing the additional benefits that awaited her. To her surprise, she discovered that the project not only offered valuable training but also provided small grants to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) like hers.

One of the project's standout features for Mrs. Van Peach was the professionalism of the teachers who conducted the training. Their expertise in each subject made the content easy to understand and applicable to her business. This practical approach ensured that she could immediately implement the knowledge gained to improve her store's operations.

The small grant provided by the project was pivotal for Mrs. Van Peach. It enabled her to expand her store's inventory, allowing her to stock a wider range of goods to meet the diverse needs of her customers. This expansion not only increased her store's competitiveness but also contributed to the recovery of the local economy from Covid-19 by offering more choices to the community.

Mrs. Van Peach's success story is a testament to the impact that projects focused on empowering SMEs can have on individual entrepreneurs and their communities. By providing training and financial support, such initiatives not only help businesses thrive but also contribute to the overall growth and development of the local economy.

As Mrs. Van Peach continues to grow her business, she remains grateful for the opportunity provided by the European Commission through the project. Thanks to the project, I have not only gained valuable knowledge but also received the support needed to expand my business. It has made a significant difference for me and my store." - Mrs. Van Peach. 

People in Need Cambodia, together with its local partners and with funding from the European Union, has the “Intergrated COVID-19 response for project urban setting in Phnom Penh” which aims to support poor urban areas in Cambodia to recover from the impacts of COVID-19. 

Autor: Senghorng Sem , Communication Officer

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