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SWITCH to Solar Startup Program - Case Study

EnergyLab Cambodia

The Cambodian energy sector has grown steadily over the past decade, driven by the Royal Government of Cambodia’s (RGC) key priorities to increase energy access, reduce energy price, and...

Guide on Inclusive Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) for People with Disabilities

People in Need, Agile Development Group, and Czech Development Agency

These guidelines, which have been developed through extensive research and consultation with various stakeholders, including individuals with disabilities, government official representatives,...

Solar Smart Cooling System in Cambodia. A case studies for Solar Green Energy (SOGE) Cambodia

@PIN Cambodia

The use of solar energy in Cambodia's agriculture sector has immense potential. With the country's growing demand for electricity, farmers are struggling to access affordable and reliable...

A Case Study for Harvest the Sun

Out with the Old & In with the New: Harvest the Sun Introduces Sustainable Drying Methodology for Cambodia’s Fresh Produce Fish is one of the most valued agricultural products in...

Flood Mitigation Recommendations report

PIN Cambodia

The present paper presents the key findings of the study conducted by PIN under CCCA funds and includes recommendations to Cambodian duty bearers on how to improve flood management in Battambang,...

Impact Assessment on EWS1294 Reach on Vulnerable Groups

PIN Cambodia

The Impact Assessment on EWS1294 Reach on Vulnerable Groups (People living with disabilities, elderly, women, and minority groups) provides an overview of key research findings on EWS1294’s...

Natural Disaster Safe Steps (NDSS) Campaign report

PIN Cambodia

The ‘Natural Disaster Safe Steps’ Campaign aimed to provide educational, engaging, and informative knowledge on disaster risk preparedness. In order to create a disaster ready...

Street Sleeper

PIN Cambodia

In 2020, Cambodia faced a range of economic challenges: Climate change, a rapid decline of fish stocks, and the loss of trade preferences with the European Union that is significant for the garment...

What is Affordable housing?

PIN Cambodia, GGGI and Planete Enfants and Development

The Royal Government of Cambodia has developed key policies   in 2014 (The National Housing Policy) and 2017 (The Policy on Incentive and Establishment of National Program for Development of...

Placing sustainability at the core of affordable housing

PIN Cambodia, GGGI and Planete Enfants & Development

Currently, more than 60% of the population in Phnom Penh cannot buy an affordable home. Stakeholders in the housing sector have yet to tackle the dual challenge of cheaper housing types that...
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