Emergency Preparedness & Response

Emergency Preparedness & Response

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We have been building up the resilience of local communities to help them deal with frequent disasters, and support them when they are affected by them. In cooperation with local organisations, entrepreneurs, and the government, we have developed an early warning system providing people with timely information on an upcoming disaster.

Furthermore, we also participate in developing crisis management plans to mitigate the effects of future disasters and to help the country cope with global climate change. In 2011 and 2013 we provided emergency response for people affected by floods, while in 2017 we helped people overcome the consequences of devastating drought.

The Early Warning System continues to be at the forefront of Cambodia's innovative approach to emergency response and disaster preparedness. It will continue to expand its functions to become more accessible for all communities nationwide in Cambodia.


Resilience in Cambodia continues to improve within various sectors. Cambodia has made great improvement in decreasing child and maternal mortality ratio, and has enhanced health care for new mothers and their newborns. Yet, the mortality rate still remains the highest in the region. We work in four provinces across rural and urban areas, in more than 30 health centres and with more than 90 obstetricians and 50 health care professionals. Thus, we are able to help thousands of people. We provide midwives and health care staff with quality trainings. Recently, we have launched an innovative programme using mobile technology. Registered mothers receive voice messages with information about baby care on a regular basis.

With the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, we support rural communities in Phnom Penh through awareness raising campaigns on safety against COVID-19, economic recovery for micro-businesses through financial literacy and access to finance, and provide job opportunities, and ensure safety of communities from violence during this challenging time. 

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