Sustainable Livelihood & Environment

Sustainable Livelihood & Environment

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Over 75% of people in Cambodia live in the countryside, making their living from small-scale agriculture, fishing and occasional labour and small businesses. Their livelihoods are primarily dependent on available natural resources and are influenced by factors which are often beyond their control.

Through the development of counseling, veterinary, technical, and other services available for farmers, we help people improve their livelihoods and escape the cycle of poverty. We also share with them our knowledge how to use alternative and renewable sources of energy such as, biogas and solar energy, and educate them on livestock breeding. Last but not least, PIN co-creates a network interconnecting livestock breeders, service providers, and market participants and thus participates in building and strengthening local markets.

We work with local organisations and other stakeholders to strengthen market value chains and ensure sustainable livelihoods within Cambodia’s strong and growing agricultural sector. 

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