Cambodia and Lao PDR launch learning events for strengthened Water Resources Management in the Lower Mekong River Basin

Published: Jan 3, 2023 Reading time: 3 minutes
Cambodia and Lao PDR launch learning events for strengthened Water Resources Management in the Lower Mekong River Basin
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21 December 2022 – STUNG TRENG, CAMBODIA. The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and People in Need (PIN) are organising a learning event to bring together multiple stakeholders engaged in water resources and flood risk management from Cambodia and Lao PDR, offering opportunities to strengthen cross-border collaboration.

The “Transboundary Water Resources Management learning events” consist of a series of engagement opportunities to gather involved actors in the both neighboring countries to share “know-hows” and jointly discuss cooperation frameworks and practical solutions to respond to flood risks in the Lower Mekong basin (LMB). The series of learning sessions will focus on critical topics on water resources management. Today, the learning session kicks-off with the topic on “Meteorological and Hydrological Forecasting practices in the Lower Mekong basin”.

The Mekong River and its tributaries are waterways critical to the economy and food supply chains of both Cambodia and Lao PDR. These waterways also present a great risk posed by flooding and dry periods - events that are becoming more erratic, longer, and more intense with the compounding effects of anthropogenic climate change- causing more frequent and intense extreme weather events in both countries. Hence, there is a need to take a more integrated approach to water resources management and mainstream climate risks into local decision-making. Most importantly, investing more in the connectivity or scale-up of early warning systems between countries can protect more lives and livelihoods in the Lower Mekong basin. 

The specific objective of the workshop is to provide the participants space for dialogue for tools and ideas to reflect on meteorological and hydrological monitoring and forecasting.

“Learning opportunities are vital to improve current practices in both Cambodia and Laos. As we work towards strengthening cross-border collaboration, the series of learning events hosted by UNDP and PIN, will provide a platform to exchange challenges, lessons learned, and opportunities for strengthened water resources management in both countries”, shares Mr. Lukas Laube, PIN Cambodia Country Director.

Earlier this year, both organisations have inked a partnership to focus on strengthening meteorological and hydrological forecasting practices in the Lower Mekong basin. The “Enhancing Integrated Water Management and Climate Resilience in Vulnerable Urban Areas of the Mekong River Basin” project (2021-2025) is carried out in close coordination with government priorities and complementary efforts underway in Lao PDR and Cambodia with support from UNDP, the Republic of Korea (ROK), and other development partners, including People in Need Cambodia.

“Through this partnership, we believe that Cambodia and Lao PDR will exchange many ideas on how to strengthen water resources management based on their individual experiences, and as well as be able to highlight the success and opportunities of Cambodia’s early warning system (EWS)”, concludes Mr. Laube.

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