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Published: Aug 21, 2023 Reading time: 3 minutes
Signing ceremony between PIN and Wing Cambodia in Phnom Penh. 18 August 2023
© Foto: WING Bank Cambodia

WingAgri and People in Need sign MoU to support Agricultural Cooperatives to have easy access to finance, digital marketplaces, and technology in Cambodia  

PHNOM PENH, 18th August 2023 — WING Inter Logistics Co., Ltd. and People in Need sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on “Empowering Cambodia’s Agricultural producers and suppliers’ access to digital marketplace and digital banking services” through Wing’s digital marketplace called WingAgri.

The partnership will empower local agricultural cooperatives (ACs) and, by extension, farmers through electronic commerce (e-commerce), which virtually connects ACs with buyers, input suppliers, and technology providers and supports all participants of the platform with Access to Finance, Access to Market and Access to Advanced Technology.

“We have witnessed the remarkable development of technologies over time, which has greatly improved the efficiency and convenience of our daily movements, communication, and transactions. At PIN, we firmly believe that innovation and technology have the power to strengthen the agricultural value chain in Cambodia,” stated Alessandro Cassinerio, Program Manager for Green Energy & Sustainable Markets at PIN Cambodia.

Cassinerio also expressed gratitude for the partnership with WingAgri, emphasizing the tremendous opportunity it provides for Agricultural Cooperatives (ACs), companies, and local farmers to effectively promote and sell their products through the platform.

Through agriculture e-commerce or WingAgri, a more efficient and transparent virtual marketplace is created, which can address notable challenges and inefficiencies in the current agriculture supply chain structure. This platform will streamline farmers’ access to buyers and create new linkages between participants through various steps and processes in the value chain that are custom-built for the changing needs of the agricultural sector.

“This partnership opens the doors to farmers and the agricultural value chain to explore a wider market that can support them in the long term. WingAgri will combine access to finance, technology and markets for the participants in the agricultural value chain in a most modern, convenient and relevant way to steer this sector into the digital era,” shared Manu Rajan, Division CEO of WING.

“Our partnership with People in Need is an important milestone for Wing, as we can support local products, empower local farmers and strengthen the value chain and ecosystem for them”, he added.

WingAgri will be a custom-built platform for agricultural cooperatives and value chains to display and promote their products and be able to interact with buyers using easy and convenient technology. The platform will also provide the deserving participants with loans, access to buyers and sellers and also help with advanced embedded analytical solutions.


About People in Need Cambodia

People in Need has provided relief and development assistance in Cambodia since 2008. Through our different and strategic programmes, (1) Disaster Management & Urban Resilience, (2) Green Energy &, and (3) Sustainable Livelihoods and Environment, we aim to address the challenges both urban and rural face. We aim to ensure the delivery of quality support and output results with our respective partners from government ministries and respectable donors towards achieving sustainable development goals.

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Ms. Johanna Legarta, Communications & Partnerships Manager, People in Need Cambodia

Mr. Soratha Chan, Head of Public Relations, Wing Inter Logistics Col, Ltd.

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