Empowering Young Advocates in Cambodia’s Renewable Energy Sector, Step by Step

Published: Apr 20, 2024 Reading time: 4 minutes
Empowering Young Advocates in Cambodia’s Renewable Energy Sector, Step by Step
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With a youthful population comprising 32% of its total populace, Cambodia stands at a pivotal moment, offering a unique opportunity to invest in human capital development. This demographic dividend presents abundant prospects for sustainable social and economic progress in the country.

In a nation where youth constitute a significant segment of the population, one young man's fervor for renewable energy sparks a journey of empowerment and innovation. Join Cheang Hor Pheng as he recounts his transformative experience throughout the Clean Energy Internship Programme, where he translated his aspirations into tangible contributions for a sustainable future. Through unwavering determination and resilience, he emerges as an inspiration, urging others to pursue their dreams and effect change in Cambodia's clean energy sector.

Cheang Hor Pheng stands among these passionate young individuals as a devoted advocate for renewable energy. Fueled by determination with every stride, he not only shapes his career but also refines his perspective on creating a positive impact in the world.

"Renewable energy isn't just a career choice; it's a personal passion," emphasizes Pheng, highlighting his belief in its transformative potential. Eager to translate his enthusiasm into action, he actively sought out local programs offering hands-on experience in clean energy.

Discovering the Clean Energy Internship Programme in 2023 through social media, a part of the SWITCH to Solar Project, Cheang Hor Pheng seized the opportunity without hesitation. Driven by his desire to contribute to a more sustainable future, he embarked on this internship journey with resolute determination.

"Opportunities like these aren't just doors to open; they're pathways to change," remarks Pheng as he immerses himself in the supportive community of like-minded individuals and industry professionals throughout the program. Here, he gains invaluable insights and hones his skills, mastering software like AutoCAD and navigating project management intricacies.

The "One Week Job Readiness Training" was a highlight for Pheng as it allowed him and the program participants to develop soft and hard skills and knowledge on energy within a span of one week before joining a company of their choice that works within the field. Yet, amidst technical learning, he encounters a challenge: stepping outside his comfort zone. Reflecting on his journey, Pheng acknowledges that growth lies beyond familiarity. Embracing discomfort, he embraces collaboration and effective communication, emerging stronger than before.

The Clean Energy Internship programme proves not only valuable in skill but also in spirit for Pheng. "Though the program has ended, the lessons learned illuminate the path forward," he shares.

Now equipped with tools and insights gained from the program, Pheng is ready to explore professional opportunities. "Indeed, the future belongs to those who dare to dream and do," he asserts. Carrying the wisdom from his internship journey, he believes every step toward a sustainable future is a triumph. Pheng encourages fellow young individuals to pursue their aspirations and explore possibilities. He believes platforms like the Clean Energy Internship Programme provide essential skills and knowledge, guiding them toward their desired professions in the future and making a meaningful contribution to the field of renewable energy.

Pheng has joined NRG Solar, a Cambodian based solar energy company that aims to lead the country and the region in the inevitable and necessary shift towards renewable energy. Exposed to various departments within the company, from data collection in the field to designing solar systems based on client needs, to supporting drafting project proposals, and assisting with technical maintenance, Pheng acquired diverse knowledge that could be invaluable in the long run.

In Pheng's story, we find a reminder that the journey toward a sustainable future is a collective endeavor fueled by passion, purpose, and possibility. With each step forward, he embodies the spirit of progress, inspiring others to join the movement towards a brighter, cleaner tomorrow.

The SWITCH to Solar project is funded by the European Union through the EU SWITCH-Asia Programme and the Government of the Czech Republic through the Czech Development Agency. The project is implemented by People in Need, EnergyLab, and Sevea.

Autor: Johanna Legarta, Communications Manager

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