Championing Sustainability: Sopheary's Venture with Ecosun in Cambodia

Published: Apr 20, 2024 Reading time: 3 minutes
Championing Sustainability: Sopheary's Venture with Ecosun in Cambodia
© Foto: Ecosun Cambodia

The concept of renewable energy continues to evolve, and more people are becoming inspired to contribute to driving this environmental change. Sopheary was leading the charge for innovation. Working as the project and sales manager at Ecosun Cambodia, her goal was simple: to introduce sustainable energy solutions in Cambodia. With a strong passion for renewable energy and a determination to create change, Sopheary set out on a journey that will help reshape her career and benefit countless lives.

It all began when Sopheary heard about an accelerator program through the SWITCH to Solar project, aimed at supporting and nurturing aspiring entrepreneurs within the clean energy sector. Eager to explore new possibilities for Ecosun Cambodia, she seized the opportunity to participate in the program. "My team was motivated to try new ideas that we have never tried before, and we hope to grow our team’s capacity through the accelerator program,” Sopheary explained.

The accelerator program proved to be a transformative experience for Sopheary and her team at Ecosun Cambodia. Over the course of several weeks, they delved into various topics essential for their company's growth and success in the clean energy industry. 

"We learned a lot throughout the program," Sopheary reflected, "but three topics stood out the most: how to communicate our impact, understand financial options and forecasting, and negotiate better".

Equipped with newfound knowledge and insights, Sopheary and her team faced challenges head-on, determined to overcome any obstacles that came their way. However, the program's weekend schedule posed a challenge for the Ecosun team, as they were often busy with work commitments. Additionally, the program’s location was far from their office, making it slightly difficult for them to attend regularly.

Despite these challenges, Sopheary remained undeterred, drawing inspiration from the connections she forged and the lessons she learned during the program. "The mentoring and lessons I've learned have not only benefited Ecosun Cambodia but also contributed to my personal growth as an entrepreneur," she said.

Outside of her role at Ecosun Cambodia, Sopheary was also passionate about addressing food waste through insect farming. Her entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to sustainability extended beyond the realm of solar technology, reflecting her commitment to creating a greener, more sustainable future for Cambodia.

As Sopheary continued to work tirelessly to promote renewable energy and environmental conservation in her country, she remained optimistic about the future. With the support of programs like the SWITCH to Solar’s Accelerator Program and the collective efforts of stakeholders in Cambodia, the renewable energy sector was steadily gaining momentum, paving the way for a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow.

Through Sopheary’s unwavering determination and innovative thinking, she exemplified the spirit of entrepreneurship in Cambodia's clean energy ecosystem. With each new challenge she faced and each milestone she achieved, she brought her vision of a cleaner, greener future one step closer to reality.

Learn more about Sopheary and her work with Ecosun Cambodia.

The SWITCH to Solar project is funded by the European Union through the EU SWITCH-Asia Programme and the Government of the Czech Republic through the Czech Development Agency. The project is implemented by People in Need, EnergyLab, and Sevea.

Autor: Johanna Legarta, Communications Manager

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